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City2Surf Update 2 – One Month to Go!

Well hey there, internet. How are things?

I know my site has been a bit quiet over the past fortnight – I got to the point in Moby Dick where I normally slow to a stop. But this time I’ll push through!

Anyway, this post is about my training and fundraising for beyondblue. We’re a month out, and I’m a third of the way to my fundraising goal!

And I’m feeling a difference in my training. As of last Saturday, I’ve been pushing myself a bit harder, and experiencing what I think is a runner’s high. I was pretty euphoric for the rest of the day after my workout.

My time is still fairly slow, and I’m pretty sure I’ll walk most of the course come August 12th, but I do think I’ll recover the day after pretty well due to getting used to progressively more intense cardio. That’s my hope anyway.

Now, throwing back to you – what’s an exercise goal that you have? Maybe, like me, you have to have an exterior goal to get you moving – or maybe it’s enough to know that it’s good for you.

With any luck, I’ll be back to my Moby Dick read through tomorrow (I actually have hand-written my thoughts, I just have yet to actually get on the blog and type it out).

Hope you’re all well,



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