City2Surf Update 1

Hi guys,

As I promised, I’m here with my weekly update of my City2Surf training and fund raising. Now, if you’ve paid attention, I didn’t actually post an update last week. And, I don’t have an excuse for that.

What I did do last week, though, is train four times. For me, that’s pretty good. I mentioned in my intro City2Surf post, that I’m doing well if I get to the gym once a week. And now I’ve been four times a week for two weeks in a row. I’m doing okay!

At this stage, I’m doing a mix of interval training, steady state cardio, and strength. So far, the cardio portions are killing me. If I can run for half an hour in a row at any pace by August 12th, I’ll be happy. Right now, a light jog mixed with fast walking is the most I can muster.

On the other hand, the strength is actually taking a bit of a backseat. Strength has been my, well, strength, in terms of fitness for the past few years. But with my change in training to work towards a long-distance running event, I’m going from heavy lifts with low reps, to lighter lifts with higher reps. I do love the challenge of getting better cardiovascular fitness, but I miss the heavy lifting.

As well as the increase in cardio (and just exercise in general), I’m trying to walk more, instead of driving or catching the bus.

One thing I’m noticing, is that it’s a lot more fun to exercise with a goal ahead of me, than it is to just exercise ‘for health’. As much as I know that exercise is good for my physical and mental health, knowing it’s ‘good for me’ makes me feel like I have to do it forever. And that is just overwhelming to think about. If working towards the City2Surf goes well, I’ll see if I can enter more events to train for.

On the fund raising front, I’ve raised $242 out of my $1000 goal. That’s almost a quarter of the way there! At this rate, I should be able to catch that grand for beyondblue. If you’d like to help me support people with anxiety, depression and suicide, please consider donating – any little bit helps!

Edit: Woops! I forgot to add the link to my fundraising page! Here it is.

Thanks again for reading,



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