I’m Running in the City2Surf!

So, following my tradition (which as of this week will be two weeks old) of one non-Moby Dick related post per week, this week I’d like to share something I signed up for over the weekend.

The SMH City2Surf. It takes place on the 12th of August and is 14 kilometres long! From the Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach. What have I gotten myself into? I don’t run!

Well, I can walk, so that’s good. But I also wanted something to aim for with my workouts. As of this week, I go to the gym, or for a walk, about once a week. So I’d like to up that, but without any other goal than just ‘be healthy’, it’s hard to work up the motivation. So now I have motivation to work towards something.

On top of that, to give myself extra motivation and to give some good back to the world, I’ll be raising money for beyondblue.

beyondblue is an organisation that helps people in Australia with depression, anxiety and suicide. While there are other, just as valid, charitable organisations that help people with mental illnesses, I chose beyondblue because I have reached out to them in the past.

I’ve mentioned briefly in earlier posts about my struggles with depression and anxiety. I’ve had ups and down for most of my life, and was diagnosed with both in my early twenties. During one of my down periods, I’d just moved and didn’t know who to turn to. The idea of a phone call made me anxious, but I saw that beyondblue had an email service. I poured out my feelings into an email and got a compassionate and helpful email in return. I was pointed to their list of GPs that were recognised for their approach to mental health and I found a doctor nearby who helped me quickly.

Since then, beyondblue is always one of the charities I donate to when I have extra money.

If you’d like to help me fund-raise for beyondblue, please click the link and give what you can. I and everyone else who needs the services they provide will be thankful.


I’ll post an update here once a week until the race, to keep you guys in the loop with how the fundraising (and my training) is going.



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